City of East Point 2036 Comprehensive Plan - East Point, GA

Pond prepared the City of East Point Comprehensive Plan: “Mission 2036.” The project included community involvement and the preparation of a Community Assessment and a Community Agenda.  With neighborhood and business leadership involvement, Pond generated a user-friendly, graphically based, long range plan for the City, which was successfully adopted in December, 2011.

Exceeding state requirements, Pond generated a comparative analysis of the tax revenue implications of three different scenarios (existing and two build-out assumptions).  The plan built on the earlier efforts of the Parks and Recreation plan and the transportation portions of City LCI studies to recommend strategic short and long range action items. All materials prepared for the project aimed to serve as marketing collateral to showcase City investment and pro-active approach to development. The central theme that emerged focused on the need to create a stronger sense of place and arrival.  Dimensions to this theme included three key issues: redevelopment priorities, the desire to physically and socio-economically connect the downtown and the Camp Creek area, and taking advantage of the City’s extremely strategic regional location and accessibility.  The results of the study inform the LCI TOD study, focused on areas surrounding the Fort McPherson and East Point MARTA stations

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