Conservation Agencies

Throughout the Southeast, Pond has supported the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the US Forest Service, and the National Park Service, federal conservation agencies that oversee vast natural resources within the United States.


With complementary missions for preserving different aspects of natural, historic and cultural resources, these agencies provide educational, scientific, visitation, administrative, and social missions within their holdings. Our people work passionately to provide memorable and cost-effective facilities necessary to accomplish these important goals.

By providing architecture, engineering and planning services for a wide variety of facilities, from large to very small, we provide efficient designs to meet every public missions. Often located in remote areas, the parks, visitor centers, administrative buildings, hatcheries, and other facilities must not only be attractive and contextual, they must also be durable, easily maintained, energy efficient, and sometimes provide their own power, water, and sanitation. These aesthetic and technical challenges motivate us to come up with unique solutions.

Mike Magahey, PE

Mike Magahey, PE

Vice President

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