Electrical Assessments, FBOP
Pond conducted electrical system evaluations and assessments at 29 Federal Bureau of Prisons (FBOP) institutions located across six regions within the United States. The purpose was to prepare rough order of magnitude engineering cost estimates and recommendations to correct life safety deficiencies and upgrade facility electrical systems to extend useful life for 25 to 30 years. Our activities involved site investigations, reviews of power and electrical distribution equipment rated at 480 volts and above, documentation of deficiencies, code violations, or other concerns, and developing engineering recommendations for electrical service repairs and upgrades, as well as cost estimating. Our team identified and documented deficiencies across the roster of FBOP institutions evaluated. Two-to-four-member inspection teams consisting of electrical engineers, electricians, and technicians methodically conducted the investigations using a consistent approach across each of the 29 FBOP institutions. We applied existing conditions by utilizing field data collected during on-site field inspections to provide an equipment inventory and evaluation of all findings to provide an overall condition rating of poor, fair, or good. Generator load studies, short circuit studies, coordination studies, arc flash studies, infrared imaging studies, and updates to existing one-line diagrams were conducted to ensure thorough assessment. Recommendations for each institution were grouped into four priority levels of criticality relevant to life safety. A Summary Report and a Final Detailed report were prepared for each of the 29 institutions. Our electrical engineers and technicians modeled power systems and provided load flow analysis, fault current analysis, coordination study, and arc-flash analysis. The team established protocols for conducting site surveys, data collection, data analysis, modeling, and formats for summary reports and detailed reports. To ensure consistency among the survey teams, we standardized data collection using survey information sheets, along with hand-drawn one-line diagrams. Data organization and input were done in the office using SKM Power Tools Integrated Study Module to model the results of the studies included in the statement of work. Reports were prepared following a standard report template, including photo documentation.
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