Fuel Cell & Corrosion Control Hangar
Pond provided comprehensive A-E services and construction administration for this new facility, including two hangar bays for fuel cell and corrosion control maintenance of F-16 aircraft, as well as fuel cell tools and equipment shops, tank maintenance spaces, parts washing, paint stripping,
and paint booth.

The design utilized upward-acting fabric hangar doors and long-span trusses for structural support. Mechanical systems were designed in compliance with Class 1, Division 1. A new high expansion foam (HEF) fire suppression system was provided in both hangar bays. Aircraft access aprons and taxiways were designed to accommodate towed aircraft movement.

The project exhibited sustainable design meeting LEED and EPAct 2005 requirements, with a focus on water conservation and reduced energy consumption. It met all UFC 4-010-01 requirements for AT/FP design standards and included a 33-foot minimum setback for parking. 
Pond provided full administration services during construction, including site visits to ensure compliance with contract documents.
Project Photos
New Jersey Air National Guard
Atlantic City, NJ
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