Reception Battalion Complex
Fort Jackson is the largest and one of only four initial entry training centers in the US Army, training an estimated 50 percent of all new recruits each year. Providing the Army with freshly trained Soldiers is one of the post’s primary missions. The complex receives trainees throughout the day and night with facilities to feed, house, administratively and medically process, and properly outfit the men and women beginning Army service. The complex is designed to handle an estimated 45,000 trainees with greater efficiency.

This project included the new Reception Processing Center, incorporating a battalion headquarters and full health and dental clinic, 300-bed trainee barracks, and optical fabrication lab facility. The design also included a 400-meter running track, protective overhead canopy, and a general-purpose storage building. The Reception Processing Center included a 720-seat auditorium, flexible classrooms, large multipurpose room, and conference rooms. The health and dental clinic included specialized areas for audiology, immunizations, and physical fitness center for rehabilitation.
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USACE Charleston District
Fort Jackson, SC
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