Big Creek Greenway Multi-Use Trail - Forsyth County, GA

Pond provided full design services for this section of the Big Creek Greenway Trail located in Forsyth County. A portion of this project (Phase 1 of 3) was a federally-funded TE project, and consists of approximately 6.9 miles of multi-use trail which meanders along the banks of Big Creek between McFarland Road and Bethelview Road.

The first phase of the multi-use trail begins at McFarland Road, including a trailhead located on the south side of the roadway. This provides parking and access to the southern end of the trail system. The trail then proceeds north and continues to run along the banks of Big Creek, crossing small tributaries with bridge structures. As the trail approaches the future location of Fowler Park, the trail crosses back over the waters of Big Creek and ends at a trailhead at Atlanta Highway(S.R. 9).

The second phase continues from Atlanta Highway (S.R. 9) and follows an existing utility easement along the east side of Big Creek, crossing the waters of Big Creek to the wide side prior to approaching Majors Road. At Majors Road, the trail utilizes an existing pedestrian culvert to pass under the roadway. The third and final phase of the project begins at Majors Road and proceeds along the west banks of Big Creek, crossing to the east side as the trail approaches the Polo Field’s golf course.  It continues along the east banks of Big Creek, opposite the golf course, and crosses back over the waters of Big Creek as it approaches Bethelview Road, ending at a major trailhead and park designed by Pond.

Throughout the trail system, future spur trail locations are envisioned to facilitate access by nearby subdivisions and developments. The multi-use trail consists of a 12 foot wide concrete path with 2 foot graded shoulders within a 20 foot wide easement.  In areas of unsuitable soil, marsh-like conditions, the trail becomes a 12 foot wide elevated boardwalk.  A 12 foot wide prefabricated pedestrian bridge structure facilitates all water crossings. The minor trailheads provide parking, lighting, emergency phones, park bench areas and bicycle racks. The major trailhead consists of all the amenities of the minor trail head with the addition of a restroom facility.

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