Georgia State University Greenway
Pond was selected by Georgia State University (GSU) to develop the plans for the demolition of Kell Hall, and the design of the new quad, adding more than an acre of dedicated green space to the campus core. The highly utilized Greenway features a wide walkway that cuts diagonally across the entire space, connecting the campus to the surrounding city. Large swaths of lawn and numerous seating options encourage collaboration and rest areas, and remnants of Kell Hall offer a nod to the past. The quad connects all of the adjacent buildings at ground level as well as at upper levels, making the space thoroughly connected and integral to campus life. Following the plans laid out in the GSU master plan, the university developed plans to demolish Kell Hall, a former parking deck turned classroom building, and the accompanying elevated plaza to the east. The removal of these structures opened up more than an acre of open space in the heart of the campus and delivered the university its first true campus quad.
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Georgia State University
Atlanta, GA
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