Henry County, Comprehensive Transportation Plan
Pond developed the comprehensive transportation plan (CTP) as part of The Atlanta Regional Commission’s (ARC) CTP program. This collaborative effort, supported financially by ARC, is instrumental in shaping funding and implementation decisions in the county for the next five years and beyond. Pond initiated an extensive public engagement process aimed at aligning community needs with proposed solutions. The insights gathered from these interactions will play a pivotal role in shaping the final plan. Henry County will utilize the plan's recommendations to determine the feasibility and benefits of pursuing a freight cluster plan through ARC, ensuring alignment with the county's long-term interests and continued prosperity. Key highlights of the transportation study include a comprehensive focus on freight, mobility, intersections, and corridors to devise a holistic improvement program. The study also took into account various stakeholder perspectives, including those of citizens, commuters, and businesses along the study corridors, fostering a collaborative approach to transportation planning. Additionally, Pond let the Henry County Trails Plan and the planning process intended to establish an overall framework for a countywide trail network. Completed in tandem with the CTP, county and city leadership and the project team worked with community members to identify missing links and opportunities for future trail connections. While community outreach efforts aided in identifying trail needs, it also helped to confirm project recommendations including trail network identification, trail uses and amenities, as well as branding and wayfinding.
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Henry County
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