Town of Tyrone Town Center Master Plan
Pond was selected to assist the Town of Tyrone with their Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) Study. The study acted as a framework to guide the Town, its residents, businesses, and prospective developers as they navigated the opportunities and challenges associated with growth. The study area consists of diverse "character areas" with farmsteads to the south and east, aging housing stock to the north, west, and south, and a commercial/civic core that forms along a bend in Senoia Road. Even within the commercial area, you have a more modern mix of commercial architecture and land uses near Shamrock Park that is distinct from the historic fabric of a railroad town surrounding the depot. This diversity required a team that understands the nuances of smaller communities with tools and a vision that aligns with the community's values. Our team helped Tyrone address critical issues associated with the master plan including defining a distinct brand and vision for downtown that distinguishes it from other communities, engaging with the core team, landowners, and the public to generate success and gain community buy-in through both "high-touch" and "high-tech" approaches, using open space to better connect the town through trails and park space, and creating an implementation and action plan that acts as a road map to move forward. Tyrone is now in the process of implementing many of the recommendations. They have established a downtown development authority and have begun designing a series of transportation improvements.
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Town of Tyrone
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