Dairy Facility Improvements
Pond was selected for our expertise in agriculture, dairy, and food manufacturing to provide a replacement facility for a Department of Corrections working dairy farm, milking, manufacturing, and packaging facility. The new facility increases the fluid milk, butter, and ice cream provisions to the State’s inmates. Replacing the current facility, which operates around the clock, 365 days a year, with a herd of approximately 175 dairy cows. The new farming and production accommodate an increase to 800 milking, dry, close-up, and juvenile cows. The herd increase allows for the replacement of powdered milk products to achieve a ½ pint production of 25,000,000 units within a facility designed to sanitary food safety standards and FDA requirements. Butter, ice cream, fruit juice, and water manufacturing and packaging are included in the total facility planning. In the initial phase Pond provided a Programming and Feasibility report that detailed the aspects of multiple sites under consideration across the state. The report identified their suitability, efficiency, production capacities, and logistical access. Our team of agriculture and dairy subject matter experts conducted interviews with stakeholders and user groups to ensure an unbiased criterion utilized for site evaluations.
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