Waste to Energy Project
A confidential renewable energy customer engaged Pond to design a production-scale renewable fuel plant using advanced technologies that provide environmental benefits by utilizing renewable feedstocks from agricultural waste. The waste-to-energy plant is mimicked from the client’s pilot plant. However, its commercial-scale plant will have additional products manufactured from processed waste. The fuel to this client’s process is organic waste, and the result is valued products for transportation, industry, and heating uses. Pond is providing all in-house architecture and engineering design services for this project that will convert wet and dry poultry waste into ether compounds, ammonia, and phosphor. By utilizing the area’s poultry farm waste in a waste-to-energy process, our design provides alternatives to land application disposal by using anaerobic digestion, separation, and water treatment. The plant contains outdoor and indoor processing systems with a pump house and centralized motor control center in a controlled air environment. Pond applied its expertise in process design, agricultural processes, and pipping conveyance of wetted solids, with the instrument & controls planning customized to this unique application.
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