Tampa Bay Water Corrosion Control Survey and Monitoring - Tampa, FL

Pond has been selected for back-to-back Corrosion Control Survey and Monitoring Services Contract with Tampa Bay Water. Starting in 2010-2014, and 2015-current, Pond has provided these services. In fact, Pond has been providing these services to TBW since 2006 as a sub-consultant to the system engineer. The scope of work (SOW) included under this contract has been to survey and monitor the water pipeline corrosion control systems (including the investigation of deficiencies), and inspect work by a third-party contractor relative to installation and repair of pipeline corrosion control systems. The specific survey services have included cathodic protection annual testing, analysis of AC and DC stray current, close-interval survey along the length of numerous pipelines. The services have been provided for steel, ductile iron and PCCP pipe as well as treatment facilities, tanks, and intake structures.

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