Repair Detention/Dry Ponds
Pond, in a joint venture, was selected to develop a maintenance-based 100% design to return the Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph AFB (JBSA) stormwater detention ponds to their intended functionality and within current UFC criteria, which is typically dry, with all detained stormwaters being discharged within 48 hours following a rain event. Because the ponds have been used for irrigation, the controlling valves on the outlet structures were not used regularly, causing them to seize over time. Pond noted that bank erosion had contributed to the deterioration and failure of connectivity between the ponds. The ponds have maintained limited hydraulic connectivity between them, but the structures themselves were no longer functional. The facilities are referred to as the "Chain of Lakes," which are part of the golf course on base. Currently, the Chain of Lakes acts as a retention facility, where water is permanently stored. Pond is evaluating the current condition of all lakes, streams, bridges, fountains, pumps, and infrastructure, and developing designs to improve drainage and return the Chain of Lakes to a detention area. Retention in the lakes promotes BASH (Bird Air Strike Hazard) for flying operations on base. Pond oversaw NEPA compliance and coordination with local, state, and federal environmental agencies for appropriate permitting. We also coordinated with USACE and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for required stormwater permits. Pond’s civil team is working to restore the hydraulic connectivity between ponds and install flow control structures. Pond’s electrical and mechanical engineers are designing the demolition and replacement of existing systems to support new infrastructure designed with manual, passive features versus powered systems and controls. The design also meets the requirements of UFC 3-201-01 Civil Engineering, 3-220-01 Geotechnical Engineering, 3-210-10 Low Impact Development, and 3-260-01 Airfield Planning and Design, as well as JBSA Installation Facility Standards, USACE Wetland Delineation Manual, and Clean Water Act Section 404 Nationwide Permit.
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