Intravenous Solutions Manufacturing Facility
Pond and Central American industrial consulting company Ingenya Consultores worked to develop a conceptual design for a greenfield Intravenous Solutions (IVS) manufacturing facility in the Dominican Republic for leading medical manufacturer Macrotech. Pond’s deliverables from the feasibility study provided Macrotech with the insight needed to advance their business intended to manufacture five sterile IVS product lines. At startup, Mactrotech’s new manufacturing facility intends to achieve a distribution capability of approximately 3.3 million liters of IVS and 13.1 million liters of IVS within 10 years for distribution in the Dominican Republic. Future goals include achieving up to 7 million liters of IVS for the international market, which will be phased into production over the first 10 years to achieve an overall output of 20 million liters for domestic and international distribution. The Pond and Ingenya team drive the optimization of the conceptual plans to achieve Macrotech’s design and implementation goals. The approach of the initial feasibility assignment comes with solutions and procedures to ensure that the final approved concept achieves the goals for the new manufacturing facility.
Project Photos
Macrotech and Ingenya Conultores
Confidential, Dominican Republic
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