Construct Hydrant Fuel System
As the prime consultant, Pond provided Title I and Title II services for MILCON construction of a new Type III Hydrant Fueling System, including five hydrant pits on the five-wide-body aircraft cargo ramp, connected to two 10,000 BBL aboveground storage tanks by an approximately 366cm hydrant loop and 488cm transfer pipeline. Pond designed the pumphouse to provide 2,271 lpm of fuel to four of the five hydrant pits simultaneously. Pond designed the Programmable Logic Control (PLC) system and control room. The project also included a covered two-position truck fill facility, two-position offload facility, 1,000 kW standby generator, and associated support facilities. The design had to comply with UFC 3-310-04 Seismic Design of Buildings, International Building Code, UFC 3-460-01 Design: Petroleum Fuel Facilities, AW 078-24-27 DoD Aboveground Tank Standard, AW 078-24-28 DOD Pressurized Hydrant Fueling System, AISC 341-05 Seismic Provisions for Structural Steel Buildings, applicable UFGS specifications, and Japan Environmental Governing Standards (JEGS). The P945 Fuel Farm project required a new underground primary power feed which extends from a designated location of the upgraded electrical utility system to a new pad-mounted transformer located on the new P945 Fuel Farm project site. The new underground primary utilizes three (3) single conductors,15kV, XLP insulated, MV-105, tape shielded, copper conductors, and one (1) 600 volt grounded neutral conductor installed in a concrete encased ductbank. This served a new 750KVA, 6,600-volt primary, 3-phase pad-mounted transformer. The transformer is a loop-feed type with surge arrestors installed in the second set of primary bushing wells of the transformer. The primary feed is tapped off the existing primary distribution system which is based on junction points using primary voltage sectionalizing cabinets and high voltage switches. Cable connections are made using dead-front load-break elbow connectors.
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USACE Omaha District
MCAS Iwakuni, Japan
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