A-E POL USAFE Title I for European Systems
Pond’s team of engineers and inspectors were selected as AFCEC’s subject matter experts for DoD liquid distribution systems throughout the European AOR. The team provided support services for over $40 million and 42 individual task orders of DLA-funded repair projects at multiple OCONUS facilities throughout Europe including Aviano and Sigonella, Italy; Lajes Field, Portugal; Spangdahlem and Ramstein, Germany; Incirlik, Turkey; Moron and Rota, Spain; and RAF Lakenheath, Mildenhall, Fairford, Croughton, Alconbury, Molesworth, United Kingdom. The Title I planning services included site investigations, liquid distribution system assessments, inspections, project planning document development, cost estimates, concept design plans, design-build RFP document support, and PCAS services. The key to the performance of this project was a clear understanding of the NATO standards, Host Nation requirements, Overseas Environmental Baseline Guidance Document, and local FGS standards. To achieve this, Pond uniquely created equivalency tables to navigate the applicable UFC and UFGS specification criteria with the European Norm and the NATO STS specification book. Nine of the 42 projects that were performed under this task order were performed at RAF installation with the United Kingdom. The work included repairs to cross-base underground piping networks as well as wastewater treatment. The work identified all of the special requirements for successfully completing work at RAF installations including coordination with the Authorised Person (AP), Permit to Work (PTW) authorization, Final Governing Standards for the UK (FGS – UK), MOD JSP 375 requirements, Risk Assessment Method Statements (RAMS) approval, work schedules, and all the other nuances of working with the MOD and on these installations. The breadth of Pond’s scope was expanded to incorporate 100% design-bid-build documents, NDE inspections, and integrity management services, after being acknowledged as an asset with our all-in-house range of services provided. These inspections included NACE coatings inspections, cathodic protection review storage tank and piping integrity inspections. Often these services were performed as a part of post-construction award services of active construction activities. Pond executed multiple D-B scopes and active construction task orders like a PMO office to the Air Force mission in the European AOR. This included all administrative duties including task order management, scheduling, budgeting, reporting, invoicing, and task order closeout.
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