Utilities System Study
Pond was selected to perform a comprehensive study of the natural gas systems at Tinker AFB. The 82 miles of installation assets were a blend of materials, ages, and conditions for which much of the piping was unknown. Pond's approach was two-pronged: 1) identify and document existing assets and 2) master plan future expansion projects for resilience. Pond first compiled and reviewed existing records, while supplementing with site investigations including potholing to determine unknown segment conditions. This information was then cataloged into a GIS-based ESRI portal to provide a backbone for the installation to track their utility infrastructure and management activities. Pond then performed hydraulic flow modeling to determine pressure and flow constrictions within the existing system to facilitate a holistic review of the existing system’s weak points, bottlenecks, and other challenges while incorporating the effects of two-way flow and multiple system operation scenarios. This review occurred at the on-site planning charrette in conjunction with identifying impacts that other planned utility and infrastructure improvements on Tinker AFB that may adversely impact the natural gas system of present opportunities for shared cost burden for restoration and other construction costs. Finally, Pond provided recommendations for system improvements including additional/resilient feeds, cast iron pipe replacement and system looping. Pond prepared cost estimates and a proposed prioritization for these potential projects for consideration by Tinker AFB leadership.
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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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