Bus Operations Facilities Master Plan, MARTA
MARTA's bus operations facilities master plan (FMP) provides a strategic projection of bus facility requirements over the next decade, aiming to address evolving needs resulting from the introduction of bus rapid transit (BRT) and the implementation of the Zero Emission Transition policy established in 2022. Pond proposed tactics and strategies to formulate 5- and 10-year management plans to grow and enhance MARTA's bus facilities, specifically tailored to accommodate these key factors. The FMP's recommendations encompass improvements, expansions, and reconfigurations necessary to meet future demands while identifying associated challenges and infrastructure requirements across five bus operation facilities. Additionally, the plan outlines a Repurposing Plan, offering planning-level insights into repurposing the Hamilton Boulevard facility for non-fixed route operation. Pond conducted a comprehensive assessment of the Hamilton Garage, resulting in a prioritized list of state-of-good-repair needs for short-term sustainment (three-year) and long-term capital improvement planning (ten-year). This project aims to equip MARTA Bus Operations with a comprehensive Facilities Master Plan that strategically addresses evolving service and technological changes anticipated over the next decade. The plan's development factors include introducing new ART (Arterial Rapid Transit) and BRT services and MARTA's transition toward a zero-emissions bus fleet by 2040. Key components of the project include an overview of facility needs, consideration of service transition requirements for zero-emission vehicles, alignment with MARTA's Zero Emission Transition Plan, and identification of expansion needs across five facilities.
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Atlanta, GA
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