Solar Energy Facility Feasibility Study
Pond provided a feasibility study per the County Administrator’s office request for renewable generation to replace the county’s current electric service from the city of Bushnell, FL. The Pond team developed a study providing a cost versus rates savings analysis for the county to implement a plan. The initial feasibility study included layout, environmental review, and design of one 7-megawatt solar array to meet both the city’s demand needs and supply surplus energy to sell onto the grid. The subsequent response from the city on interconnection limitations led Pond's team to analyze and provide a review of cost versus rate savings options for behind-the-meter solar. The follow-up analysis provided cost estimates for the county to completely disconnect from the city, which required additional installation of battery storage in conjunction with the initial 7-megawatt solar array needed for the county’s peak load. This second study reflected the realities of the county’s options given the regulatory framework of Florida’s electric generating and distribution requirements. The results of the study led the county to approve funding for a behind-the-meter solar option.
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Sumter County Board of County Commissioners
Sumter County, FL
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