GTMO Integrity Management Plan Follow-On
Pond provided comprehensive integrity services to complete the facility's pipeline integrity management plan (IMP) for the POL Pipeline. The evaluation was conducted in accordance with industry standards such as IAW, API 570, and API RP 574. The inspection activities included hands-on inspections of trenched, aboveground and underground piping, soil-to-air interface inspections, guided wave examination, ECDA, CIP/DCVG/DOC surveys, maintenance coating activities, and additional engineering assessments. In-line inspection (ILI) Smart Pigging, including the use of various pigging tools such as foam, disc-cup, gauge, and geometry pigs, was performed on the cross-bay JP-5 pipeline. A detailed pigging plan was developed, outlining the scope of work, tool selection, schedule, safety measures, and quality control/testing protocols. The ILI run utilized a magnetic flux leakage tool equipped with XYZ coordinate tracking capability to collect data along the pipeline route. Data from the ILI run was analyzed and correlated to field locations to identify areas of concern and potential defects. Pond reviewed all documentation and indirect data sets for the underground pipelines to identify areas of potential concern. Data analysis was performed to rank the most severe indications for direct assessment. Direct assessments were performed, and coating maintenance identified where the coating was removed for inspection. Urgent, short-term, and long-term repair recommendations, as well as recurring local and CMP activities, were identified and submitted as part of the IMP follow-on.
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Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
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