Gainesville Campus Expansion
The Pond design team was selected to provide a facility assessment; programming; architecture and engineering design; and construction administration services for the University of North Georgia’s Gainesville Campus Expansion. The project consisted of 7 buildings and approximately 165,000 gross square feet of existing space. The design team was able to work with the university to form a priority matrix of programs, building renovations, and wish list items - including a new front canopy. The project team was able to maintain the schedule and budget successfully to achieve all of the campus's wish list items. The existing facilities to be renovated were over 60 years old - each having its own unique compromised building envelope issues resulting in a forensic-like assessment of the exterior skin by the Pond design team. It was discovered that many of the buildings were either missing critical water mitigation components or had compromised components through multiple renovations and a storied history. The team successfully mitigated the water intrusion while maintaining the existing character of the facilities and within the existing project budget - no small feat. Mechanical and plumbing systems throughout the facility (and below the slab) were thoroughly assessed by the team. With the CM at-risk contractor on board, the design team was able to present many HVAC cost and constructability options to the owner for their consideration. Finally, the project was ready for a full range of programs that the university was looking to expand including Nursing, Fine Arts, and a Film and Digital Media soundstage and theater. These programs have been successfully running since day one of the campus opening - without the need for additional changes.
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