AGL Repairs 2023
Pond is currently gathering cathodic protection system data from Southern Company Gas (SCG) every month including test station and rectifier reads for the designated gas distribution systems. Pond compiled the data and submitted it to SCG at the end of each month. This included the identification of any damaged assets. Pond performed troubleshooting activities on rectifier units as needed. Corrosion services including cathodic protection study, design, and installation of supplemental cathodic protection systems. The recent projects include NE Georgia reads, Chattanooga compliance reads, audit and compliance, troubleshooting and repairs, along with cathodic protection system design survey and installation. The projects include the design and installation of supplemental and new systems, including Union Hill, Ft. Gordon, Shannon Village, Evans Cooke, West Parker Street, and Carolan Street. Pond is assisting AGL’s Corrosion Control Department in various service territories. Pond is performing cathodic protection monitoring services to meet DOT 192 requirements by taking readings at test stations to ensure compliance. Pond is also performing other field services such as minor troubleshooting on cathodic protection systems and locating cathodic protection facilities as needed. The cathodic protection design for the pipeline included new cathodic protection ground bed(s), test station locations, and DC interference mitigation measures. Comprehensive drawings were submitted for construction and deliverables were reviewed by an AMPP Cathodic Protection Specialist.
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Southern Company Gas
Atlanta, Georgia
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