Pond is pleased to announce that Associate and Senior Project Manager Pam Little will be serving on the 2017 Gwinnett County Stormwater Technical Advisory Committee (SW TAC). The committee will focus on assessing the new Georgia Stormwater Management Manual and how the measures in the manual can be incorporated into the Gwinnett County Stormwater Systems and Facilities Installation Standards and Specifications.

Pond’s participation in this committee will ensure the firm remains at the forefront of regulatory knowledge related to stormwater runoff in Gwinnett County and underscores the firm’s commitment to the communities that it serves by volunteering technical resources to assist the county in understanding how regulations are likely to impact the local environment as well as the development community.

The Stormwater Technical Advisory Committee (SWTAC) was established for several reasons, including the review of proposed new stormwater related regulations, amendments, practices and procedures and to advise the Gwinnett County Department of Planning and Development about their impact and effectiveness.

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