Photo courtesy of Lockheed Martin.

Pond recently completed design and construction services for Lockheed Martin’s new Hercules Training Center, a 6,500 square-foot building that houses a reconfigurable full motion simulator for C-130J and LM-100J training. The LM-100J is able to perform as a civil, multi-purpose air freighter capable of rapid and efficient transport of cargo.

This was Pond’s second design-build simulator facility project for Lockheed Martin and the team worked closely to develop the facility design based on the needs of the new program.

The bay that houses the simulator is approximately 40 feet x 40 feet x 25 feet in size, and it includes a “super flat” concrete reaction pad that is able to withstand the vibration of the full motion simulator, used for aviation training. Additions to the training facility also include briefing rooms, break room, conference room, restroom and space for utilities and maintenance.

The Pond team sought to create cohesion between the new facility and the existing facility next to it.  To do this, the new facility siding, roof and trim work were matched to the existing building to give the appearance that the two buildings are one. To minimize sound pollution from the surrounding operations, the team used acoustical sealant, noise reducing Gypsum wall board (GWB), and sound batt insulation.

Photo courtesy of Lockheed Martin.

With construction complete in August 2017, the Pond team was able to finish the overall project in an expedited manner. The construction team was involved in all phases of design providing input on cost effectiveness and kept a watchful eye on the budget. Pond started the construction bidding process while the design was still being completed — thus eliminating the need for the Buyer to implement their standard procurement process. This approach reduced the project schedule by more than four months.

“The completion of this facility is a testament to the great work of the design and construction teams,” said Program Manager David Woods. “Pond is excited to have the opportunity to create something that guarantees more efficient operations, enhances functionality, promises optimal aesthetics and is also economically sustainable; we’re looking forward to our next project, the C-5 Simulator facility.”

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