Pond & Company received an honor award from the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) of Virginia for the Daytona State College Thermal Storage Tank project.
Pond was instrumental in assisting Daytona State College meet their original chilled water storage system needs, as well as capturing a rebate of $1,000,000. By installing an energy efficient chilled water storage system, Daytona State College can expect to have the project fully paid in less than five years.
The college wanted to install a chilled water storage system that was energy efficient and had lower operating cost, while also capitalizing on Florida Power and Light’s incentives for projects that reduce demand on utility. Pond designed and engineered the new 80 foot chilled water storage system to meet the stringent guidelines of Florida Power and Light, and Daytona State College’s design standards. By increasing the quantity of thermal storage facilities, the net result will be less proxy plants used by utilities, therefor reducing the carbon footprint.
At 80’ in height, the new water tower is the tallest structure on this geographically flat campus. Pond utilized their in-house Architecture Group to design the structure to be a campus landmark, rather than a mechanical eyesore. By implementing the college logo, colors and accent lighting, the structure has become an integrated contextual element on campus and generally accepted by the surrounding community.

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