The Pond constructors team recently celebrated its safety accomplishments while working on two new 37,000 bbl jet fuel storage tanks.

Since the start of field efforts, the Pond team has worked 9,617 man-hours on the project without experiencing any injuries. While the small size of the project site footprint has at times proved difficult to work in, all subcontractors have achieved their goals.

“Pond Field Superintendent Mike Gore has done an exceptional job on this project making sure all subcontractors are working safe and following all rules that are established by the client,” said Pond consultant John Hodge.

In recognition of the project safety accomplishments, an appreciation lunch was held for the team. The 35 team members attending the team lunch included Kelley Construction, Ralph Hernandez Construction, Tarsco Tank Company, ASIG and Pond employees.

“This project has been challenging for a number of reasons, and we wanted to take the opportunity to recognize the team for their commitment to preventing all workplace injuries,” said Pond Director of Health and Safety Jim Davis.

When complete, this project will provide airline companies at the facility with an enhanced jet fuel storage and transportation system, allowing them to receive pipeline quantities of jet fuel from multiple suppliers.

Learn more about our fueling design and maintenance capabilities here.


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