Pond, a full-service architecture, engineering, planning and construction firm serving government, corporate and private sector clients worldwide, recently earned honors from the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) Georgia for two completed aviation projects.

ACEC Georgia recognized Pond with an Engineering Excellence State Award for Seismic Rehabilitation Air Traffic Control Tower (Charleston, S.C.) – Structural Systems; and an Engineering Excellence Honor Award for C-130J Simulator Facility (Marietta, Ga.).

Rehabilitation of the Air Traffic Control Tower initially challenged Pond to focus on structural integrity, as the tower is located in an area of high seismicity. After a thorough seismic analysis and evaluation of methods for retrofitting and upgrading the facility that would meet aesthetic and structural criteria and comply with FAA regulations, Pond developed a detailed design, encompassing interior walls, ceilings, HVAC systems, electrical systems and parts of the exterior envelope. Construction techniques were adapted to minimize interference to air traffic control operations. Rehabilitating the tower to meet seismic safety requirements, rather than demolishing and replacing, resulted in considerable savings in costs, time and materials.

For Lockheed Martin’s Marietta, Ga., Plant #6, Pond designed and supported construction of a new enclosure and custom platform for an aircraft engineering simulator, and managed the logistics of physically relocating the simulator. In addition, Pond designed a pedestrian bridge to support and provide access to the simulator.

David Woods, AIA, Program Manager – Aerospace Facilities, expresses the pride of the professional teams whose focused expertise ensures the success of these and other aviation projects.

“We’ve professionally met the diverse needs of every aerospace client due not only to our extensive knowledge of the unique challenges of the industry, but also because of our cooperative spirit. We are dedicated to maintaining excellent relationships with each of our clients’ own planners, engineers and decision makers, regulatory agencies, local government entities and community organizations to assure we deliver on each and every expectation.

“We don’t see aviation projects so much as a challenge, but as an opportunity to create something that guarantees more efficient operations, enhances functionality, promises optimal aesthetics and is also economically sustainable.”

To learn more about the Engineering Excellence State Award Winner, Seismic Rehabilitation Air Traffic Control Tower (Charleston, SC), click here for a video.

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