Medical Device Manufacturing

Pond's engineering and construction management teams have designed, constructed, and commissioned projects ranging from greenfield plants through process line additions to successful solutions for EPA, FDA and OSHA regulatory compliance, water and industrial wastewater treatment, and energy plants. Our repeat clients represent eleven of the top fifteen largest medical device companies in the world. Pond's architects and engineers deliver the designs for medical device and medical technology manufacturing used for class 1 devices and the more specialized regulations of cGMP standards applicable to class 2 and class 3 devices, in keeping with FDA Title 21 limits on microbial and particulate exposure. We prioritize safety, regulatory compliance, and operational efficiency in our designs, integrating advanced technologies and best practices to create state-of-the-art facilities anywhere in the world. Pond's comprehensive approach includes facility planning, equipment specifications, detailed design, and construction management tailored to the unique needs of each project. We are dedicated to advancing patient health with our medical device clients.

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