ung-design-build-interior-354x200On many construction projects, design-build delivery offers significant advantages over more traditional delivery systems including shorter construction, lower costs, continuous and unified quality control and reduced risk for the project owner. A study conducted by the Construction Industry Institute (CII) concluded, “Owners who see an advantage to continue to fine-tune the scope, up to and even after the capital project has started, have a distinct advantage in using a design-build contractor in lieu of other methods of execution.” Those advantages can be traced back to two distinctive elements of design-build projects: integration and collaboration.

Design-build firms are far more synergistic than traditional construction companies, able to engage designers and constructors to provide well-thought-out, comprehensive solutions for their clients. Accordingly, integration and collaboration are inherent features wherein design and construction work together, without contractual tension or corporate priorities, in the best interest of project outcome.

A look at the developing relationship between Pond and the University of North Georgia offers a greater understanding of the potential benefits of using design-build.

As of May 2016, Pond has provided task order construction services to the University of North Georgia (UNG). When asked how the design-build model performs, UNG’s Director of Facilities, Mike Hyams answered, “It shortens the process, allowing us to be increasingly capable and flexible ― makes the process quicker and more efficient when working with one organization. With efficiency comes effectiveness.” Project outcome, however, is the final determiner. “We are very happy with the outcome of our projects. It’s been quite an effective mechanism for us to get things done. Design-build simplifies the process and allows you to meet your timelines in the small windows of opportunities,” said Hyams.…Read the rest of this article in the Ingenuity Magazine.

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