Aberdeen Proving Ground renderingPond’s Work with Aberdeen Proving Ground

In early 2020, Pond collaborated with the USACE at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Baltimore, Maryland to develop a full RFP for Design Build for their Combat Capabilities Development Command – Chemical Biological Center. Partnering with nearly every federal agency in the US, this historical facility is a national resource for the defense against chemical and biological threats. With its first construction dating back to 1942,  the dilapidated building systems posed potential risks to both personnel and the mission. To remedy this, the project sought to repair the failing building systems, remove asbestos materials, and update architectural, structural, electrical, and mechanical systems.

Project Scope

Pond and teaming partners were contracted to complete the planning charrette within 14 days of Notice to Proceed, with the beginning of the pandemic resulting in scheduling challenges. The entire RFP needed to be completed within 120 calendar day of NTP in order to have the project bid in FY2020. The project scope covered approximately 170,000 SF at an estimate construction cost of $88M. The spaces being renovated included: specialized labs to handle biological and radiation contaminants, multiple SCIFs with unique security requirements, and open secret storage.

Success through Challenges

The site was located on an old artillery landing site, requiring additional caution when planning and inspecting due to Unexploded Ordinances (UXO) still imbedded in the ground. Also, due to the nature of the center and the chemicals samples the team encounters, all building elements down to the exhaust would have to be treated according to specific guidelines. With all of these details considered,  the team managed to meet the charrette goals by determining space requirements for the floor plan layout, developing  the specific scope for the project, providing a parametric cost estimated and identifying all action items needed to provide a complete the comprehensive RFP on schedule. The team even provided the agency with nine separate options, allowing them to start with smaller segments on the site as funding became available. Pond stayed engaged during the bidding period to resolve bidder inquiries.

Pond was proud to work with this  organization to help drive their essential operations and meet critical mission objectives.

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