Pond’s Integrity and Corrosion Management team recently performed a corrosion evaluation on coal silos for a client. Led by Senior Project Manager David Hunter and Technical Director Sasan Hosein, the team went onsite to investigate and form a solution for extending the life of the silos.

Coal is moved into the facility, ground in three separate concrete silos and moved via conveyor belt onto ships to transport around the world. During this process, coal dust, chlorides due to proximity to the brackish James River and near constant exposure to dust arresting misting can cause the structure to deteriorate. The Pond team was able to suggest and implement long-term corrosion control measures that would ensure the client would be less likely to disrupt or halt production.

“By evaluating and using corrosion control practices, the owner can obtain life extension of the structures, keeping the structure in-service for years to come,” said Hunter.

Hunter states that repairing or patching structures is not a solution that stops the reoccurring problem, but many companies do not have the specialized experience necessary to manage concrete corrosion. Corrosion mitigation on concrete is just one of the many unique services Pond’s Corrosion and Integrity Management department offers.

“I enjoy visiting sites and investigating structures to figure out how to maintain them,” Hunter said. “From the time you build it to the time when you replace it with something new, our department is there handling everything in the middle.”

Learn more about Pond’s Integrity and Corrosion Management capabilities here.

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