Pond’s structural department has sponsored a Senior Capstone Design Project for Georgia Tech since 2014. This year, Joe Brejda will be leading the students through the project, with the intent being to go beyond classroom instruction and provide them with the fundamental knowledge necessary to produce engineering work through “real world” projects.

Recently, Principal and Director of Structural Engineering Chris Jenkins and the structural department met with the students and kicked off the project. They gave the students an overview of the project, outlined the learning objectives and set deliverable requirements and milestone dates. Over the course of the spring semester, the two groups will meet periodically to make sure they are headed in the right direction and answer any questions. The student team includes Brian Jackson, Jiahui Fu (Ian), Kangyan Wu (KK) and Jason Kahei Tam. Their project is to design a foundation for a wind turbine in St. Croix, British Virgin Islands. They will be expected to develop design loads for the turbine, develop the design for anchorage of the turbine, investigate foundation types and ultimately design the most appropriate foundation to support the turbine.

The project will culminate in early April when the students present to their professors at Pond’s headquarters.

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