From left, Col. Sal M. Nodjomian, PE, F.SAME, USAF (Ret.) hands the award to Mike Magahey.

Pond was honored to be selected as the Seymour S. Greenfield Sustaining Member Award winner for 2017.

Senior Project Manager Pam Little joined Executive Vice President John Cassidy, Vice President Mike Magahey, Program Manager George Fragulis, Program Manager Steve Moes and Executive Assistant Sarah Connor during the recent SAME Joint Engineer Training Conference (JETC) in Kansas City to accept the award.

The Seymour S. Greenfield Sustaining Member Award, from the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME), recognizes Pond’s participation in local posts including Atlanta, Mobile, and Louisiana, as well as our contributions to The Military Engineer magazine, our involvement in National committees, and our support of SAME post, regional, and national events.

“It’s exciting to know that SAME considers Pond a valuable industry partner,” said Little. “Supporting SAME has allowed us to increase our presence across the region and nation, develop business opportunities and partnerships, and most importantly, to give back to the engineering community by providing presentations and educational articles.”

Col. Sal M. Nodjomian, PE, F.SAME, USAF (Ret.) and Mike Magahey.

Another benefit of involvement with SAME are the opportunities for building connections with clients and partners, as well as engaging in leadership training and learning about engineering trends and military contracting trends during great conference and workshops such as JETC, Little explained.

Established in 1920, SAME has worked to foster business relationships between private and government institutions, offers educational and professional development training and provides transition services for military service members looking to move into the private industry.

“SAME is a critical organization that serves as a unifying link between the industry and the Department of Defense agencies and their mission; the SAME events serve as a conduit to important interaction and dialogue on issues and solutions to improve efficiency in the service we provide to our clients,” said Magahey. “The genuine enthusiasm and patriotism displayed at the recent JETC conference in Kansas City was humbling, it was a great conference and we are honored to be part of this great organization.”

Pond competed against other medium-sized firms who are also active SAME Sustaining Member Companies and our team was thrilled to take home the Seymour S. Greenfield Sustaining Member Award during the JETC Society Ball and Awards Gala.

From left, Mike Magahey, Pam Little and Steve Moes.

“We’re proud of our involvement with SAME and privileged to have the opportunity to serve our Military Defense clients and partners,” said Cassidy. “It’s an honor to be recognized for our service with this prestigious award.”

Learn more about the Society of Military Engineers (SAME) here.

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