Jim Wilgus, PE Director of Transportation at Cobb County DOT with Pond’s Matt Wilder and Karyn Matthews, CCDOT District Engineer.

Pond was honored at the 2018 Georgia Engineering Awards by being named the Engineering Employer of the Year. Additionally throughout the evening, Pond also garnered recognition for their work with the FAA, The City of Mableton, and Georgia Power.

“Our Engineers, Architects and Planners worked countless hours on these award-winning projects. The dedication and hard work shows when you’re recognized by industry peers and appreciated by your clients.” Said the Vice President of Marketing and Communications.

Matt Wilder, Pond Director of Landscape Architecture, accepted the Design Merit Award for the Mableton Town Square project in Mableton, Georgia.

The vision of Mableton Town Square was to transform an aging infrastructure and underutilized properties into a vibrant town square that fosters an active live, work and play community. The one-way square roadway pattern transformed the inside of the Town Square to an inviting park-like setting for pedestrians and community gatherings.

“Pond is thrilled that the Mableton Town Square project was honored with this award,” said Wilder. “This project is so much more than just a new road or a park; it’s a center of community and a step toward the goals of Cobb County and the Mableton redevelopment district where the revitalization plan is for residents to be able age gracefully in a thriving community.”

Richard Lienou of Leidos, Pond’s Vince Bredickas and Kyle Rossiter of Leidos.

Pond’s Vince Bredickas and Leidos team members Richard Lienou and Kyle Rossiter accepted the Design Merit Award for the Arc Flash Risk Assessment. The Pond – Leidos team partnered with the Federal Aviation Administration to conduct critical Power Study and Short Circuit Analysis Reports at more than 70 sites across the US and its territories. These tests are crucial to ensure safety for air traffic control tower personnel and to protect key navigational equipment for landing aircraft.

“Our close-knit working relationship with Leidos, flexibility to augment our talented staff and leadership amongst our team allows us to provide superior service to the Federal Aviation Administration,” said Bredickas.

Pond Principal Alex Holbrook accepted the award for the Georgia Power Valdosta Headquarters Master Plan. Georgia Power has a critical mission to deliver power to all communities, large and small, ranging from large scale emergency storm response and cleanup, to routine household service calls.

To improve the success of this mission, Pond carefully assessed Georgia Power’s ageing and outdated campus, and developed specific solutions that improved the flow of information, staff, key materials and vehicle maintenance. The results will vastly improve technician response time and overall efficiency throughout the campus.

Pond’s Alex Holbrook and Chris Farnie.

“We were honored to receive an award recognizing this master planning effort,” said Holbrook. “Especially interesting was our traffic engineer’s study of truck and railroad traffic that yielded quantifiable data on the impact of remaining in a location that has two railroad crossings.”

Pond COO Jeff Meier accepted the award for Engineering Employer of the Year. Since its inception in 1965, Pond has grown into a thriving firm with 24 offices around the world.

With headquarters in Peachtree Corners, Pond provides Georgia and the Southeast with a center of excellence in transportation, aerospace, energy, defense, education, recreation and local government work.

A contributing factor to being recognized as Employer of the Year is Pond’s culture of giving back to the engineering profession and the community.

Pond embraces staff advancement through internal mentorship, as well as supporting educational programs like the ACEC Georgia Future Leaders Program, providing talented engineers as students and company veterans as educators.

Pond’s Jeff Meier with the ACEC Georgia 2018 Employer of the Year Award.

“The key to Pond’s success is reflected in our vision statement: To be our client’s first choice for comprehensive project delivery by always providing exceptional customer service and care,” said Meier.

This is the second year in a row Pond has won this award.

Upon recapping the evening, the Vice President of Marketing and Communications noted, “Being recognized for our hard work and effort is very much appreciated, but it’s our clients that deserve the accolades. We are truly grateful to have such great clients who see Pond as a trusted partner to develop solutions to their complex issues.“

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