Pond is pleased to announce the hiring of Hugh Weaver, PE, LEED AP as Vice President of Aerospace.

Weaver has over 30 years of experience in the aerospace / aviation industry, and has been involved in the planning, strategic development and capital growth improvement programs for dozens of airports across the nation and around the world. His expertise extends to all facets of the engineering design experience.

“My career has literally taken me to Timbuktu and back,” Weaver said, referring to Bamako-Senou International Airport in Mali, where he oversaw a $90 Million-dollar renovation. With experience designing airports in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, Weaver understands the logistical needs of large-scale, international aerospace operations.

After graduating from Southern College of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering Technology, Weaver started his career in airport design, working initially with smaller airports across the Southeast. However, his experience quickly expanded to military installations and major airports across the nation, culminating with the design of facilities and airfields around the world.

Chris Farnie, Senior Vice President of Aerospace at Pond, is excited about what Weaver brings to the table. “Hugh fits perfectly with where Pond Aerospace is today, but knows what we want to grow into. His expertise and experience are a huge asset to Pond.”

“There is a tremendous pool of talent here at Pond,” said Weaver. “I want to be a catalyst to expand Pond Aerospace into new markets.”

With the addition of Weaver, Pond will provide even more value to airport clients. “We want to be the preferred provider of airport design and installation services nationally and internationally,” Farnie said, “Hugh’s depth and breadth of experience will sharpen our ability to meet our clients’ needs.”

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