Military Personnel

Pond proudly supports the hiring of veterans and military personnel.

At Pond, we take a great deal of pride in delivering high quality projects to the members of our Armed Forces. Whether our goal be to improve existing infrastructure or create a new facility to help the different branches of our military meet their mission objectives, our organization is always looking to go above and beyond to meet the needs of our brave men and women. However, our involvement with the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Air National Guard goes even deeper.

Our organization is fortunate to have many employees who have previously served our country. Some of the highest leaders in our organization, including multiple Executives, have been benefactors from the skills they learned from their time of service. From effective communication, team building, to learning how to be a leader, many members of our Pond family display the traits they developed during their time in the military in a skill set that has contributed to the growth of their career and our organization.  Many of the concepts learned in the military help contribute to the core values of Pond.

As Pond continues to grow, opportunities will be made available to the men and women who serve. Our firm is excited to continue to be able to help those individuals who are moving in to the private sector continue to develop as invaluable professionals for Pond, their families and their community.

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