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Mike Jeffreys
Mike Jeffreys


Senior Vice President, Energy

M: 404.379.6279







Willie Robohn
Willie Robohn

Vice President, DoD Market


D: 424.703.8906








John Lathram

PMP, API 653

Program Director, SMR/RMMR

M: 404.569.5692


Matt McCue
Matt McCue

Senior Project Manager

D: 404.748.4891 |
M: 678.612.4616








Jason Norberg
Jason Norberg

Program Manager, RMMR

D: 253.820.9798








JR Hanks
J.R. Hanks

Senior Project Manager, MLA

M: 470.774.3960


Dan Brown
Dan Brown

PE, API 653, STI SP001

Program Manager, Fueling

D: 404.748.4733 |
M: 706.892.7437


Marcus Anderson
Marcus Anderson


PMO Director

D: 404.748.4842 |
M: 678.491.2935




Cortney Chalifoux
Cortney Chalifoux

API 653

Program Manager, Coatings

D: 404.748.4717 |
M: 470.436.7990


Brian Lunsford
Brian Lunsford

PE, ASNT Level II,
API 510/570/653, AWS Sr. CWI

Vice President, Asset Integrity

M: 678.984.6801


Alex Wodopian
Alex Wodopian

PE, API 570/653/1184

Director, Mechanical Engineering

M: 916.705.5448







Maintenance Specifications Panel Discussion

Speaker: Cortney Chalifoux, PhD, PE, AMPP CCI, AMPP PCS, API 653 | Program Manager – Coatings Engineering – Pond


Joined by  Steven Oakes |  Fuels Quality Control Manager – Dawson and Sergio Flores, PMP, PCS | President – Cor-Ray Painting Co


Wednesday, 03.29.2023 | 2:15 PM


Room: Aria 

There are three widely used Unified Federation Guide Specification (UFGS) Sections that cover coating application for newly constructed DOD POL facilities: UFGS Section 09 97 13.27, 09 97 13.17, and 33 52 80. There is significant opportunity to either improve these specifications, or generate a new maintenance specification, to address reoccurring coating maintenance and minor coating repair procedures. Through this panel discussion, a prime contractor, a coatings engineer, and a coatings contractor will open a dialog regarding each area they each feel are in need of improvement.  They will touch on topics such as surface preparation guidance, coatings materials guidance, and application issues that often arise during maintenance operations.

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