Biosafety Labs
The study of human and animal pathogens in a biosecurity laboratory requires a thorough understanding of biocontainment practices. Pond follows strict biological risk assessments across all biosafety levels as part of a full-service delivery model. Our lab design approach involves a continuous risk assessment process with quality assurances that comply with the rigorous standards of CDC BMBL, NIH NIAID, WHO LBM, and USDA ARS. We address proper containment methods, material flows, waste flows, personnel flow, effluent decontamination, and redundancies. Pond's team of experts in resilient designs, enhanced HVAC designs, process architecture, sterilization, decontamination, and process engineering develop facility plans that meet the agency's BSL protocols. Our full-service approach continues with professionals in preconstruction, commissioning, and construction management, providing a seamless project delivery model. 
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