Pond was thrilled when Fred Cartes announced his decision to join the Pond Huntsville Team as Program Manager in late 2017.

As an accomplished professional with 25 years combined experience in government and industry contracting, program management and acquisition, Cartes provides a penchant for building meaningful, long-lasting partnerships as a team member in Huntsville.

Cartes served as a United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Warranted Contracting Officer, in which he supported and facilitated the growth of the Defense Logics Agency (DLA) Fuels Recurring Maintenance and Minor Repair Program, of which, Pond has been a pivotal player in the program’s success.

Cartes holds the highest level of Contract Certification, Level 3, with the U.S. Government and holds a Master’s Degree in Acquisition Management and Government Contracting. He is well versed in the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and has specialized experience in pre-award activities, source selection, contract negotiations, protests and resolving problems associated with contract administration, including CPARS.

Before joining the Huntsville team, Cartes worked for USACE where he developed positive relationships within the organization and provided professional advice in contract execution for Pond.

“I enjoyed my time cultivating a successful career in the construction industry prior to pursuing a career within federal contracting,” said Cartes. “Joining Pond was the next logical step for me in bringing these skillsets together, and I look forward to building upon Pond’s growing partnerships in the Huntsville community while seeking out new contract opportunities.”

While Cartes works to shape long-term plans for building a new team centered around maintenance and construction efforts geared towards USACE projects, he is already helping the diverse Huntsville team facilitate contracts such as the Huntsville Medical A&E, GSA Schedule 871-1, GSA Contract 03FAC, and the GSA BMO.

“Fred Cartes is a great asset for Pond based on his contracting knowledge and business acumen,” said Pond Vice President Mike Magahey. “He’s also a team player and is full of fresh ideas, we know he can really help the team target areas where we need to refocus our contract pursuits.”


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