Pond is pleased to announce the hiring of Brian Yannetti, PE as Senior Electrical Engineer for its Virginia Beach, Va. office.

His passion for all things electrical began when he was young, spending summers with his grandfather— a career electrical engineer.

“My grandfather kind of determined at an early age that was what I was going to do, because that’s what he did. Neither of his sons took to engineering, so he made it his mission to introduce me to electrical engineering,” he explained.

“I loved it. We would spend a couple of weeks every summer in New Jersey with him, and we’d go out, find and buy materials to make electrical circuits and boards, buy parts of computers at a parts and pieces shop, and put them together.”

His grandfather’s introduction to electrical engineering left an impression on Yannetti, culminating in his graduation from the Virginia Military Institute in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science in electrical and computer engineering, with a concentration in microelectronics engineering.

Quickly, Yannetti began his career as an electrical engineer, working on several high-profile lighting and system design projects within Virginia, including the Richmond City Jail.

As the lead designer, he created the lighting and power design, including the design and placement of two redundant 1.5 mega-watt backup generators. The project received LEED Gold certification.

Working in Oyster Point, Va., Yannetti, again, served as lead designer for the 800,000-square foot Cannon ACM manufacturing facility—the main repository for all toner and printer cartridge manufacturing for the company—where his creativity and engineering acumen led to the design and use of smart panels and low voltage control switches, located in one, central automated system.

Yannetti learned through his affiliation with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and by attending the Illuminating Engineering Society’s seminars in Atlanta, and gained knowledge about environmentally sound green lighting principles, which he began to apply in lighting design projects.

“Lighting design is not all about mathematical calculations,” he said. “It’s half art, half engineering. Green controls and lighting are part of an evolution in lighting design that saves building energy, saves client energy and money, and it’s something that I have added to all of my projects.”

His experience using Auto Cad software for 3D modeling led Auto Cad’s parent company—AutoDesk—to use the 3D model he helped create for a large classroom and vehicle shop complex construction project at Fort Lee, Petersburg, Va., in its promotional materials for 3D modeling.

Projects like those made Pond take notice, and after working with a Pond engineer on a mutual project, the offer was made to Yannetti to join its Virginia Beach office.

“Brian has a real passion for lighting design which will greatly enhance our office’s design capabilities,” said Belinda Redd, PE, senior project manager. “He’s a Virginia Military Institute grad and a very capable and energetic senior electrical engineer, who also has a great sense of humor, while enthusiastically accepting assignments and works very efficiently.”

Yannetti is excited to work with Pond’s electrical engineering division, and he looks forward to continuing Pond’s excellence in client satisfaction and electrical system design.

“The type of work Pond goes after is interesting to me. Everyone at the home office and in the Virginia Beach office welcomed me and they seemed to be excited to have my input,” said Yannetti.

Currently pursuing an Masters of Business Administration degree at the University of Richmond, Richmond, Va., Yannetti believes the added skills will only enhance his role with Pond.

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