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What’s it like being a Member of Pond?


What is it like working at Pond?

Pond recognizes that our robust workforce is comprised of unique, talented individuals. Our company accomplishes our goals by acknowledging the interdependence of personal and collaborative success. We nurture an environment where everyone feels positioned to thrive. We achieve this through:

  • High Growth: Pond’s culture emphasizes the need for leadership at all levels, evolving positions, and autonomy within a team.
  • Encouraging Entrepreneurship: Pond creates an environment that welcomes sharing ideas, refining processes, spearheading new initiatives, and implementing breakthrough solutions.
  • High-Impact Environment: Pond gives each employee the opportunity to make their mark, provides access to leaders who are actively involved in projects and operations, and ensures a vibrant network of voices.
  • Collaborative Culture of Support: Pond helps ideas flourish by providing ample resources and equipping teams to pursue new endeavors.
  • Action-oriented leadership: Pond builds emerging leaders through career development, facilitating mentorship and creating an engaged community.


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