WESTFIELD, MASS. – (3.9.18) – More than a hundred attendees joined Senator Elizabeth Warren, Congressman Richard Neil, Governor Charlie Baker, and Major General Gary W. Keefe for the 104th Fighter Wing’s main hangar renovation ribbon cutting at Barnes Air National Guard Base. Pond’s $12 Million renovation will keep the F-15 jets fully maintained in a safe environment that costs less to operate.

When visioning the renovation strategy, personnel safety and operation cost savings were important factors to the design team. The signature feature of the hangar retrofit is the new upward acting fabric doors allowing natural daylight in, and decreasing the need for excessive building lighting. The new doors occupy less square footage that the old sliding doors, allowing a single side of the hangar to open for more flexibility. Additional operation savings are achieved through the re-design and replacement of all existing lighting and air handling systems.

To keep the personnel safe and the F-15’s protected from fire damage, the work included a new fall protection system and high expansion foam (HEF) fire suppression system upgrade. Foam systems are more effective than liquids to isolate fire and protect surrounding assets from potential damage.

While the original 50,000 square feet hangar houses up to six F-15’s, 6,000 square feet of floor space was added to address the growing demand from the men and women of the 104th Fighter Wing for specialized spaces the original 1960’s hangar design did not provide. Spaces such as structural shops and administrative spaces required to keep the jets mission-ready. Renovated locker facilities, new interior finishes and new break room keep the Fighter Wing team refreshed and informed of the work to be done.

“We are excited to be a part of our clients’ mission and support the work of the 104th Fighter Wing” said Pond’s project manager Greg Culpepper, PE, LEED AP “The new hangar is safer, more efficient and fills the current and future needs of their mission.”

Pond is proud to continue its 25 years of service to the Air National Guard and the National Guard. As opposed to spending upwards of $20M for a new hangar, Pond provided full design, architectural, engineering and construction administration services for this project, giving the 104th Fighter Wing everything it needs to remain combat ready.

Learn more about the renovation at Western Mass News and WWLP-22News.

*The appearance of the 104th Fighter Wing F-15 aircraft, emblems and logos does not constitute endorsement by the 104th Fighter Wing, Massachusetts Air National Guard, the United States Air Force, or the Department of Defense of the information, products or services of Pond and Company.

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