Medical Device Sterilization

Pond’s technical staff of specialized professionals has the expertise needed to plan, design and construct these unique and highly regulated Medical Device Sterilization operations to be safe, efficient and flexible.

Sterilization Experience:

  1. Ethylene Oxide (EO or EtO) Sterilization including Pre-Conditioning and Aeration Rooms
  2. Gamma Sterilization
  3. Electronic Beam (E-Beam)

Regardless of the sterilization approach needed, our team will coordinate our clients’ preferred sterilization methods and critical equipment.

Pond’s experts in permitting and building code compliance will identify all regulatory requirements for both the sterilizing equipment and the safe storage and handling of the agents utilized in the sterilization process.

Pond’s planners work with you to identify your needs and develop the ideal facility layout that will achieve your project’s quality, capacity, throughput, construction cost and schedule goals.

Our team understands the challenges of a sterilization operation and are committed to building the best solutions into your project.

Tony Pitrone

Tony Pitrone

Senior Vice President


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