Maintenance and Repair

Pond’s team of experts perform required inspections, recurring maintenance and minor repairs on DLA-funded fueling facilities around the world. We have years of experience catching small issues before they become big problems.


Our inspections have led to thousands of repairs to virtually every possible component on fueling systems funded by the Defense Logistic Agency (DLA). Whatever your service needs, our professionals have the expertise needed to identify, document and repair virtually any issue. We have completed over 13,000 service orders, with most representing multiple repairs, ranging from simple hose and nozzle replacements on ground fuel dispensers, to calibration of control valves, marine loading arms, bulk storage facilities, and PLC systems.

Properly staffed to concurrently work on hundreds of service orders, our team is built to quickly address any size fueling issue anywhere in the world. Our trusted subcontractor network of pre-approved companies includes a variety of skills and expertise in addition to the geographic coverage needed for timely maintenance and emergency service for our clients.


  • Repairs, Replacement & Construction Services
  • Schedules, Preventative Maintenance & Inspections
  • Coating Assessments
  • Coating Applications
  • Tank Repairs
  • Engineering Services

Working with Pond

Pond is involved with multiple ongoing contracts, click here to view the listing.

Michael Jeffreys, PMP

Michael Jeffreys, PMP

Vice President


Ken Fudala

Ken Fudala

Program Manager


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