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Pond’s construction team builds trust and quality into every relationship through experience and proactive communication.

As the complexity of a project increases, so do the variables and degree of risk that must be negotiated by owner and contractor alike. For the owner, the experience, qualifications and early involvement of a contractor become critical predictors of success, particularly when intense schedules, unknown field conditions or intricate design versus cost equations hang in the balance. Negotiating all the variables and their relative costs is preferable to driving a stake in the ground based on price alone.

As a fully-integrated design and construction company, our corporate culture and extensive design-build experience means we, as constructors, routinely work alongside architects and engineers to optimize project design, schedule and cost for our clients. Always a team player, we are known for our skill in fleshing out design to field conditions and our continued focus on solving conflicts proactively and collaboratively rather than merely cutting costs.

Should your project benefit from a design-build approach, our in-house design and construction professionals can ensure that seamless communication takes place throughout the project cycle and no contractual tensions exist between designer and builder. Pond’s true all-in-one design-build model means that you receive the best and most comprehensive program for your budget.

Sam Smith, Jr. CPC

Sam Smith, Jr. CPC

Program Manager


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