The survey assessment & engineering of coatings to prevent failures, protect the environment and maximize capital investments.

    All designs and data analyses are performed by in-house NACE & SSPC Protective Coatings Inspectors. Supporting this group is a full-service engineering company including mechanical, civil, electrical, and also architectural expertise. At Pond, we’re creating the next generation of corrosion engineering consulting solutions within our industry. Our corrosion professionals are capable of providing solutions to address practically any corrosion related requirement. With strategically located offices (Atlanta, Houston, New Orleans, Jacksonville, Virginia Beach, Huntsville, Phoenix, Dallas, New Brunswick and Japan), Pond is well positioned to provide timely responses to priority requirements. With highly-skilled staff, unequaled stability, an exceptional safety record and adequate insurance for essentially any project, Pond stands ready to support you.

    Coatings Expertise

    • QP-5 Qualified Inspection Procedures
    • Protective Coatings Specialists
    • Protective Coatings Inspectors
    • Coatings Evaluation Services / Recoating Options Analysis
    • Coating Specifications (New or Review)
    • Contractor Qualification
    • Selection Training
    • Coatings Condition Assessments
    • Lead & Generic Coatings Testing
    • Specifications
    • Structural Dimensions Verification
    • Cost Reduction Through Prioritization
    • Application Inspection by NACE & SSPC Certified Coatings Inspectors
    • Project / Contract Management
    • Failure Analysis & Investigations
    • Material Selection