Civil engineering is critical to developing vibrant and growing communities by providing the design of public infrastructure such as roads, bridges, utilities, and energy systems; while concurrently protecting the natural environment through site sensitive planning and water resource management.

    Smart development is critical to growing commerce, and civil engineering is the backbone of smart development. Civil engineering includes a vast array of disciplines that are all necessary to ensure the practical application and success of building above- and below-ground.

    The civil engineers at Pond are a group of professionals who collaborate with federal, state, municipal, and private clients to design infrastructure for economic drivers such as national defense installations, transportation hubs, and industrial campuses. These components could not ultimately succeed; however, without the supporting development of residential and mixed-use neighborhoods; commercial/retail space; office buildings; health and education facilities; and public recreation areas. Pond’s civil engineers are experienced in providing complete design services for all of these areas for both private and public sector clients.

    Each project, regardless of the ultimate land use, includes analysis of economic feasibility, constructability, and end-user experience providing additional value to the Client. Pond’s staff has extensive practical experience working on a variety of projects around the globe.  This experience allows us to share best practices and alternative design options with our clients to deliver on their vision.

    Project Types

    • Commercial and Retail Centers
    • Industrial Facilities
    • Mixed-Use Neighborhoods
    • Office Parks
    • Residential Neighborhoods
    • Healthcare Facilities
    • Educational Institutions
    • Local Park Projects
    • Streetscapes
    • Military Installations
    • Energy Distribution
    • Private-Public Partnerships
    • Airports
    • Energy Generation Plants
    • Federal National Park Projects
    • Railways
    • Non-Profit Headquarters
    • Marine Ports
    • Hospitality and Tourism Development

     Project Services

    • Site Planning and Design
    • Floodplain Analysis
    • Master Planning
    • Due Diligence and Feasibility Studies
    • Zoning and Special Use Applications
    • Roadway Design
    • Stormwater | BMP Engineering
    • Grading, Drainage and Utility Planning
    • Pipeline Design
    • Earthwork Balance
    • NPDES/Erosion Control Plans
    • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs)
    • Code Compliance
    • Local, State, and Federal Permitting
    • Value Engineering
    • Owner’s Advocate/Representative
    • Project Management
    • Independent Plan Reviews
    • Ordinance Drafting