Architecture at Pond is founded in the belief that superior buildings have a direct and positive impact on peoples’ lives.

Underlying this philosophy is the conviction that by gaining a thorough understanding of our client’s vision, context and needs, our architects and designers can bring creativity and innovation to enhance our clients’ mission and businesses while enriching the quality of life of its users and the communities they serve.

Architecture should reflect the history, context, culture, communities and natural environment we live in. Public spaces are the social, intellectual and operational centers of our culture – and architecture, planning and interior design play a critical role in presenting our culture. We approach each project with consideration for the human experience through the use of inspired design, place making, sustainable and energy efficient features and innovative use of technology.

On approach is based on collaboration and engagement. Our team listens to the concerns of leaders, staff, and the community and addresses them by appropriately resolving complex functional, technical and operational requirements.

Pond & Company currently does not offer architectural services in the state of Illinois.

Architectural Portfolio

  • K-12 & Higher Education
  • Student Centers
  • Academic Buildings
  • Public Libraries
  • Administrative Buildings
  • Readiness Centers | Military Training
  • Detention | Correctional Facilities
  • Municipal Administration Centers
  • Justice Centers
  • Public Works Facilities
  • 911 Call Centers
  • Fire Stations | Fire Training Centers
  • Vehicle Maintenance Facilities
  • Material Storage Facilities