Pond Ingenuity Winter 2021

Regeneration Restoration Transformation Regeneration, Restoration & Transformation F or millions of Americans facing addiction, the path to recovery can seem bleak and full of uncertainty. Without affordable resources and accessible treatment, people experiencing this pervasive issue often lack the tools to break the vicious cycle. No Longer Bound, one of the nation’s leading programs for men battling drug and alcohol addiction, was founded to combat this issue and provide refuge to those seeking help. Since 1991, their facility has existed to rescue addicts, regenerate men and reconcile families by fostering connection and acceptance. Located just north of metro Atlanta, No Longer Bound’s residential community sits on 14 acres of land. This campus allows them to offer extensive, long term care through a 12-month residential program that extends beyond traditional treatment centers. Unlike short-term care, No Longer Bound works to address the deep-rooted causes of addiction and provides the support needed to thrive. As residents undergo treatment, they also study valuable trades like master carpentry and auto repair, which are designed to prepare them for entering the workforce after the completion of the program. Participant's handcrafted furniture is often sold in their on-site furniture store. Profits from the store flow directly back into the program, helping fund the cost of living and housing. This, in addition to the network of generous donors and sponsors, ensures No Longer Bound remains affordable and accessible for those who need treatment. Four years ago, Executive Director of No Longer Bound, Edward Bailey, had a vision for expansion. He envisioned what would become the “Hope House,” a brand-new, updated facility that could extend the reach of their program. More rooms and more space meant they could serve more people seeking help. Their dream of restoring lives, offering men a place to call home and providing refuge to residents would only be made possible by significant community contribution. The community rallied around No Longer Bound and worked to make this dream achievable. Pond jumped at the chance to support this cause. Defeating addiction is one of the four tenets of the firm's philanthropy program and No Longer Bound’s mission aligns with the firm’s heart to put “Compassion into Action.” Our team saw an opportunity to use the firm’s wide range of architecture and engineering expertise to help design and construct the house free of charge. In 2018, when Pond joined the effort, current housing was a far cry from the dorms they sought to provide. Residents lived in houses renovated Design Study December 2018 - Groundbreaking Hope House Dormitories for No Longer Bound: A Pond Philanthropy Mission 4 Pond | www.pondco.com