Pond Ingenuity Winter 2021

18 Pond | www.pondco.com Airport Security Assessment & Command Center Replacement Huntsville International Airport, Huntsville, Alabama Pond performed a Threat and Vulnerability Assessment (TVA) for the Huntsville International Airport. Based on the initial study, Pond provided estimates of construction costs in a classification listing that showed eligible and ineligible categories of funding to assist the airport to solicit funds for the highest priority items. Once studies were completed, Pond provided design and construction support services for the implementation of the overall program, a $7.7M replacement of portions of the security system. Phase 1 included a new Security Communications Command Center, new CCTV System and Access Control System head-end equipment, and an Integration Management System to operate the new equipment. Phase 2 included the installation of new equipment around the terminal and airport tied back to the Command Center. The Security Communications Command Center included a full demolition of the existing Console Room, where all the Airport’s communications and emergency operations are controlled, and re-build of a state-of-the-art command center controlling all of the airport’s security and operations systems. Infrastructure improvements included a new, redundant, dedicated fiber optic loop that is connected to the adjacent Server Room, new UPS for the data server racks, and consolidation of system components that remained in service. The new center was reconfigured to provide a dual dispatcher position wrap-around video wall matrix providing each dispatcher control of what is projected from their new work stations. The design was completed on schedule, and construction was awarded on budget. Construction of the newly renovated Security Communications Center Phase is complete, perimeter gate phase construction will be completed soon, and Pond has been overseeing the construction for the Airport. In addition to supporting the National Guard’s operational functions, the headquarters will provide opportunities to celebrate the honor of each member’s service. As new guards are sworn in, the design pays homage to their strength, service and commitment to the nation.